Interactive Maps

The map below shows the locations of the menus featured on our Gallery page, those from the New York Public Library archive - click on a marker to reveal the menu and restaurant it's from!

Most of the restaurants are centered in New York, as Miss Buttolph resided and worked in New York, but it is valuable to note the proximity of vegetarian options within a particular city. Customers that were hoping to eat out and still aid the war effort, or perhaps enjoyed the vegetarian diet, did not have to look far for options, which is not what our group initially expected when mapping out restaurants with vegetarian options since dietary restrictions were not well-accommodated until recent decades. What remains a topic for further exploration is if the accommodation of vegetarianism varied by region - this would require sources from other archives that extend beyond Miss Buttolph's endeavor. 

A lot of our menus are from the United States due to the limitations of Miss Buttolph's influence, and it is critical that we explore how vegetarianism unfolded in other WWI countries. Thanks to Digital Scholar Lab, we are able to explore how vegetarianism became popular in the United Kingdom during wartime. Below is an interactive Storymap timeline that highlights some of the significant events in the development of vegetarian diets and menus. The timeline can also be viewed in a new tab here.