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Sauternes Chateau D'yquem France 1990

The Sauternes Château D'yquem France 1990, a white type of wine, is commonly acknowledged for its elegant and finesse nature. In general, the wine is known for originating from the region of Sauternes, which is located in France, about 40 miles away from the state of Bordeaux, whom is also located in France. As it is commonly noted, the region of Sauternes mainly produces high quality sweet wines because of its large abundance of the Semillon grape, along with other kings of grapes that can be found in the region. In addition, France is a country that produces large amounts of wines, due to the fact that it is one of the biggest grape producers on earth, with its 8 million metric ton contribution to the total 18 million metric tons grape production that happens every year around the globe. When referring to the growing place where the the wine is grown, the state of Bordeaux is also known being one of the world's most prestigious, prolific, and famous wine regions in the world. On average, there are around 10,000 wine producers, or wineries in the state of Bordeaux that span around 80 miles and produce about 517 million liters of wine on a yearly basis. However, the winery that manufactures the Sauternes Chateau D’yquem France 1990 wine is called, Château d'Yquem. This respected, and highly know winery is most notorious for making what some people refer to as the best dessert wine available in the market. Furthermore, the Chateau d’Yquem winery is the only chateau in the Sauternes region that is rated as a Premier Cru Supérieur wine, from the official Classification of 1855. Generally speaking, the 1855 Classification of Sauternes and Barsac, was a wine ranking event that was organized by Napoleon III, for the purpose of finding the best wine producers of France, so that their wines could be displayed at the Exposition Universelle de Paris, a fair that would be held in Paris at the time. Moreover, after the Chateau d’Yquem was inspected, analyzed, and ranked, the chateau greatly exceeded the expectations of the people ranking the winery, and was awarded its own unique ranking known as the Premier Cru Superieur title, the best ranking any chateau has received from the region of Sauternes. Likewise, as the wines color suggest, being a predominantly gold color, the wine provides people with a sweet aroma, thanks to the mixture of coconut, peaches, and apricots along with the sauvignon blanc and semillon grape types, both of whom have a similar honey like taste. On a similar note, this wine is recommended for people to drink as a dessert wine, after they are done with their main course, so that the wines lush and balanced nature complements well with the persons dessert. Similarly, another food that is recommended for this specific wine are blue cheese based items, since they can have a bitter taste that sits well with the sweetness of the wine. Overall, a bottle can range from $300 to $700, depending on the year that it was made, and the total time that it has been preserved.  


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