Project One Pager

  1. Project Name

By the Glass: Wine in Manhattan Menus.

  1. Objective Statement

This project will make wine lists from the NYPL historical menus collection more accessible and connect historical information about the wines offered by various restaurants to these lists. This tool will bring together disparate resources in one place to provide a tool for food historians interested in wine. This project will be a sampling of wine lists as proof of concept for this tool.

  1. Requirements

Twelve menus from different restaurants. Wine entities for all wines listed. Four historical entries on different wines.

  1. Out of Scope

Restaurants that are not in New York City. Wine lists before 1970.

  1. Team

Larry Eames [Project Manager], Barnabe Ibarra [Web Specialist], Sergio Navarro [Data Visualization], Colin Sugamura [Data/Content Specialist].

  1. Schedule

End of 4th Week: Have the proposal finalized. Select menus for inclusion. Record restaurant metadata

End of 5th Week: Set up Omeka Item templates, agree on metadata standards for all item types.

End of 6th Week: Begin entering wine and restaurant entries.

End of 7th Week: Flex work time.

End of 8th Week: Have text cleaning complete and add menu items

End of 9th Week: Have rough drafts of the four historical information entries.

End of 10th Week: Flex work time, with focus on visualizations.

11th Week, December 6: Present final project.