Data Management Plan

Expected Data

The primary data types, collected from NYPL “What’s on the menu?” Collection menus, are wine name, price, menu affiliation, and restaurant name. In some instances, growing region will also be collected as primary data.

The secondary data types, collected from Court of Master Sommeliers recommended resources and growing region resource pages among other resources, are grape(s) and growing region.

We will collect 2018 adjusted price by synthesizing price and inflation rate information from the CPI Inflation Calculator.

In a full version of this project, we will relate the primary, secondary, and synthesized data in a narrative, research entry for each wine. In the example tool presented for “Intro to Digital Humanities F2018,” there will be four such entries.

Data Formats and Dissemination

Data will be disseminated to the public via the class Omeka site. It will be formatted in accordance with Dublin Core Metadata Standards.

Data Storage and Preservation

The data will live in a shared drive folder, on the personal computers of each team member, and on the class Omeka site for as long as data is retained. After the retention period is over, the raw data will live in the Project Manager’s Google Drive.

Data Retention

At a minimum, data will be retained in triplicate until December 15, 2018. It is not sustainable for the team members to continue to work on the site, so no additions will be made to the data after this date. After the retention period is over, the Project Manager will maintain a copy in a personal Google Drive folder.