Food Patterns In Boom and Bust

Food Patterns In Boom and Bust is created with the intention of giving delicious context to the biggest boom and bust times in U.S. history. The biggest boom being the roaring 20s and the tasty dishes with roaring flavors. The biggest bust being the Great Depression which is the time period that directly followed the 20s.

The story within these web pages consists of mostly Hotel menus collected from the New York Public Library and various other first-hand artifacts from other resources. Due to the fact that many of the menus depict upper-class events and dining from fancy hotels of the time we sought to look for other sources that would give us an idea of what the middle and lower classes did when they wished to eat out.

Additionally, we developed some data visualizations and analysis about the most popular foods in each year of boom and bust. Through this, we were able to gain more than just context about these time periods but also detail on the most delicious foods!

You can find first-hand source menus and articles in the "Roaring 20s" and "Great Depression" tabs. Here you can peruse the foods of boom and bust! In the "Analysis" tab you can find clouds ready to rain down food which actually displays the frequency of foods served in the Roaring 20s and Great Depression. Lastly, in the "Maps" tab you can find a story map that tells the story though location as you see from street to street the locations that this collection of menus comes from.