Sightseeing Also in Nixon China Agenda

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Sightseeing Also in Nixon China Agenda


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Sightseeing Also in Nixon China Agenda
g WASHINGTON, Feb. 14 (UPI). —President and Mrs. Nixon are scheduled for a number of events while visiting China next week, the White House said to¬ day. Press secretary Ron Ziegler an¬ nounced a “very rough itinerary” for Mr. Nixon and his party on their week-long visit to China, beginning Feb. 21. Mr. Nixon will leave Thursday, making stops in Honolulu and Guam before arriving at Peking at 11:30 a.m. next Monday. Before landing at Peking, Mr. Nixon will stop at Shanghai for a rest stop. Arrival at Shanghai is scheduled for 9 a.m. Monday. In Peking, Mr. Nixon will be greeted by Chinese government leaders in a brief welcoming cere¬ mony at the airport. The President and Mrs. Nixon will then travel by automobile to the Peking guest house, where they will stay. During the five- day Peking stay there will be what Mr. Ziegler described as “substantial talks” with Chinese leaders. Also, while in Peking, the Presi¬ dent and Mrs. Nixon will attend a cultural show and gymnastic event. They will also be hosts at a banquet. The Nixons also probably will visit the Great Wall, the Ming tombs, and the Forbidden City, Mr. Ziegler said. On Feb. 26 the Nixons will leave Peking for Hangchow aboard an aircraft provided by the Chinese government. They will be accom- panied by high Chinese officials. In Hangchow they will stay at the guest house on West Lake, tour West Lake by boat and be guests at a banquet hosted by the provincial revolutionary commit¬ tee of Chekiang province. On Feb, 27, the President and Mrs. Nixon will fly to Shanghai, where they will stay at the Shanghai guest house, along with members of the official party. They will visit the Shanghai in¬ dustrial exhibit and will be given a banquet by the Shanghai muni¬ cipal revolutionary committee, and attend a cultural show. Mrs. Nixon may visit the Shanghai children’s palace. On Feb. 28 they will leave Shanghai for Washington.

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