Welcome to 'An Introduction to Digital Humanities', a no-prerequisite undergraduate survey course intended as an introduction to the concepts, methodologies and ongoing projects in this developing and exploratory field.

Students have worked with primary source material related to historical menus in this class. They have used New York Public Library's 'What's on the Menu' project, as well as Gale Primary Sources to create and curate data sets.

Seven project groups worked to develop and hone their research focus for the quarter, using digital analysis tools to identify recurrent or interesting themes in their broad menu data set.

The class syllabus is intended to highlight best practices for creating, presenting and preserving a digital project. It falls into four phases: 

  • planning
  • collecting and curating
  • analyzing
  • exhibit building and archiving
Students used Gale's Digital Scholar Lab for content set creation, cleaning, analysis and visualization. They also used Voyant, Lexos, OpenRefine, Google Fusion Tables, Clavin Geoparser, and Storymap JS for text analysis, mapping and digital storytelling.

This website is built using Omeka. Each student team created a digital exhibit to present their research and analysis, which you can explore following the links in the sidebar.

The course was taught by Dr. Sarah Ketchley with stellar support from TA Satvik Shukla.  Guest lecturers enriched the learning experience with their expertise, and included the iSchool's Helene Williams (copyright, digital libraries and skills for the job market) and Gale's Ray Bankoski and Michelle Fappiano (OCR, creating a digital archive). Thanks to all.

Recently Added Items

Nut Turkey (1915)

nut turkey.PNG

Screenshot of newspaper article describing a "nut turkey", a vegetarian alternative to meat diets during wartime.

Vegetarian Railway Meals (1916)

railroad vegetarian meals.PNG

Screenshot of news article detailing the new vegetarian menu unveiled for the London and North Western Railway hotels and station dining rooms.

Tuna steak, rice, and peas


Photograph of tuna, peas, and rice on a plate

National WWI Museum - Battlefield Tableau


A photograph of the Battlefield Tableau from the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, MO.

Eggs Benedict Bar Chart


A graph based on a list of menus with eggs benedict showing the average price of the dish by decade

Eggs Benedict Price Line Graph


A graph compiled from a list of menus with Eggs Benedict charting the price by year over time