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Lena's compiled worklogs.pdf
Compiled worklog that detail work, goals, and challenges through each of the ten weeks of the project

nut turkey.PNG
Screenshot of newspaper article describing a "nut turkey", a vegetarian alternative to meat diets during wartime.

railroad vegetarian meals.PNG
Screenshot of news article detailing the new vegetarian menu unveiled for the London and North Western Railway hotels and station dining rooms.

Photograph of tuna, peas, and rice on a plate

A photograph of the Battlefield Tableau from the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, MO.

A graph based on a list of menus with eggs benedict showing the average price of the dish by decade

A graph compiled from a list of menus with Eggs Benedict charting the price by year over time

A word cloud based on menu items of different restaurants which served "eggs benedict"

A sentiment analysis of selected primary source literature on Chinese cuisine in the U.S.
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