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By The Glass

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By the Glass was conceived as a sample of a larger project to connect menu entries about wine with their contextual history. The project brings together wines and their prices from New York City menus with their growing region and grape type from outside research to show what a tool for historical enoculture research might look like. The project began as a class assignment in Fall of 2018 and was inspired by the realization that there was no tool that we could find to connect this information. As it exists here, it is a proof of concept for what could be a larger tool.

See our Project Charter here.

See our Project One-Pager here.

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Vegetarianism in WWI


This exhibit explores the prevalence of vegetarianism and vegetarian dishes in various restaurant menus during World War I (1914-1918). 

Thank you to the New York Public Library and Gale's Digital Scholar Lab for providing such an incredible digitized and open access collection of menus. This exhibit is intended for viewing purposes only, and is not to be copied or reproduced. 

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