1890-1920 Pie Chart

1890-1920 chart

2010-2018 Pie Chart

2010-2018 chart

There were not many differences between the two time periods overall. The names of foods became much less French with the passing of time, most notably decreasing "Consomme" from 10% of dishes to less than 5%. Pumpkin Pie also experienced an increase in consumption, receiving nearly half again its share of the pie.

There were several constants across both time periods in their menus. Mashed Potatoes, and indeed potatoes of several kinds, were overwhelmingly the most popular food, receiving more than double the percentage of Turkey in both time periods. Turkey was at almost the exact same percentage across both periods, showcasing that its iconic position has not wavered at all after 100 years. Despite being known as a "classic Thanksgiving food", Green Bean Casserole scarcely appeared at all in either time period - about 1% of menus in both periods. This is perhaps because the menus we selected from tended to be "high class", which would lead things like Oysters to replace more traditional, family-made dishes.