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The Terrace Room

Welcome To The New Yorker Hotel:

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History of The New Yorker Hotel:

The New Yorker Hotel first opened on January 2, 1930. It was the most technologically advanced hotel of the modern day. At the height of her popularity she hosted influnetial politicians, celeberities, sports figures, and entertained in The Terrace Room (The New Yorker). Consturction for the hotel began in 1928 and it was an astounding 1.2 million square-feet, making it the most state-of-the-art building in the country.


In 1932, the 8th Avenue subway line opens, giving The New Yorker guests a direct access to Penn Station through the hotel's private tunnel.


In 1939, NBC begins broadcasting live from The Terrace Room. Throughout the 1940s The Terrace Room would set the stage for big band acts as well as nightly ice-skating shows.

1942: The United States has recently entered WW2

Due to its proximity to Penn Station, the New Yorker hosts numerous GIs during World War II on route to the European Theater.


In 1948, The New Yorker installs televisions in its first 100 guestrooms, making it one of the first hotels in the country to do so.

Guests Of Honor:

Muhhamad Ali: Stayed at The New Yorker Hotel in 1971, after his fight against Joe Frazier.

Nikola Tesla: Moved into The New Yorker Hotel in 1933, occupying rooms 3327 and 3328. Tesla lived in the hotel until his death on January 7, 1943.

Brooklyn Dodgers: Moved into The New Yorker in 1941 during the World Series. Lost to the Yankees in five games.

Barack Obama, Sr.: Arrived in 1959 as part of the airlift initiative by John F. Kennedy.

The Terrace Room:

- Luxurious resturant inside The New Yorker Hotel.
- Daily broadcasts From NBC.
- Over 22 different Menus between 1940-1950.