This exhibit was last updated in the December of 2018.

Sources in Exhibit:

Federman, Rebecca, et al. “What's on the Menu.” NYPL Labs, National Endowment for   the Humanities, Institute of Museum and Library Services, The Robert W. Wilson   Trust, 

Annotation: Our primary source for this project was a digital collection of transcribed menus. We used the menus itself for our Omeka collection and the transcribed texts for data analysis.

United States, Congress, “The Agricultural Situation, A Brief Summary of Economic   Conditions.” The Agricultural Situation, A Brief Summary of Economic Conditions, vol.   20, ser. 8, Bureau of Agricultural Economics, 1936. 8.

Annotation: Since we did not have any menus from 1936, we decided to fill in the gap with an agricultural analysis.

Tools we employed:

For analyzing data to isolate the relevant menus, we used OpenRefine .For our data visualizations, we used Lexos with our own modified stop list (originally: taporware.txt). and Voyant. We also used Knightlab's Story Map

Sources in Our Story Map

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Annotation: We used wikipedia extensively for background information on our Story Map. The pages we used were: Cotton Club, Hotel Astor (New York City), Grand Central Hotel, Grand Hyattn New York, Hotel McAlpin, Manhattan Club (social club), New York Biltmore Hotel, New Yorker Hotel, New York Central Lines LLC, Ritz Carlton (New York City), Stouffer's, The Lexington Hotel NYC, The Roosevelt Hotel (Manhattan), World's Fair