Web Specialist | Joy Phillips

Oversee the design and structure of the site on Omeka.  Works with the CMS (or HTML files) to ensure that the site performs to the team’s specifications. Installs any required updates to the CMS. Archives the project and submits the files to the professor by the end of the quarter.

My name is Joy Phillips and I am a double degreeing undergraduate in Informatics and English at the University of Washington. My work includes several mobile and web application prototypes made using usability methods, the development of an online card game, the development of mobile friendly websites, and written critiques and analysis papers of classic literature. I look to the future for more projects that integrate usability and design with my programming and writing skills.

Project Manager | Edward Wei

Pays close attention to schedule and milestones. Alerts the team to possible roadblocks or time-crunches. Ensures that communication among team members is efficient and harmonious. Keeps track of all project documentation. Takes notes at meetings. Communicates team needs (for example, additional training on a tool) to the professor, TA and/or IT Assistant. Communicates with subject-matter expert. Submits milestones on time via Canvas.

Hi, my names is Edward Wei and I am a double degree student studying Business Administration (Finance) and Materials Science & Engineering. These are two fields I am interested in, studying materials helps me answer the "What" of this world, and I think finance sorts of tells us the "Why". I will be graduating in 2020. My hobbies include reading, watching anime, and going to the gym once a week.

Data Specialist | Corina Geier

Responsible for cleaning the datasets of the group and helped standardize the data for analysis. Ensured the data was clean and usable for running through different analysis tools.

I am Corina Geier and I a math major at the University of Washington. I am interested in working with large datasets and using mathematical and statistical analysis to draw conclusions. I have worked with other Digital Humanities projects and enjoy the mix of Technology with the Humanities. I enjoy playing tennis, reading and doing different art projects.

Mapping Specialist | Vanessa Kim

Responsible for Overseeing the project’s maps. Geolocates data. Learns how to use (and teaches teammates how to use) the appropriate tools. Fine-tunes map display. Adds maps to site.

My name is Vanessa Kim and I am majoring in Communication and Mathematics, and will graduate in 2019. I like seeing how those two totally different fields can work out efficiently. I am also interested on web-design, therefore, I am looking forward to work in that fields to learn stuffs that are practical.

Data Visualization Specialist & Content Specialist | Jesse Flores

Oversees the project’s data visualizations. Ensures that data is in the right format. Learns how to use (and teaches teammates how to use) the appropriate tools. Fine-tunes data visualizations and adds them to site

Oversees the authoring of the site’s main narrative and ensures that the data visualizations and maps integrate neatly with the written content. Writes section headers and captions. Obtains necessary images and embeds them in the site. Oversees the creation of the “About” page

My name is Jesse Flores and I am a double major student studying Geography and Earth & Space Sciences with interests in drawing. I am from Mount Vernon. A current project I am working on making resources ranging from basic sanitary items, food banks, and health care products available for low-income communities.