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Group 6 Chinese Cuisine



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Title = "China Airlines Menu"
Description =" Menu for China airline breakfast and lunch options printed in Chinese and English."

Mandarin House
Mandarin House's menu printed with both Chinese and English. Menu offering appetizers, soups, noodles, rice, dessert, and alcohol.

Judging Nixon by the food he eats
Commentary on the role food played in Nixon's trip to China

Personal account of author's exploration of a Chinese supermarket in London

Kuo Wah Café
Food menu in English and Chinese from Kuo Wah Cafe at 950 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA. Lists 112 different dishes offered.

Chinese Cooking for the Housewife
Article on popular Chinese recipes for the typical housewife to follow

International Gourmet Club
Unpriced food menu in English and Chinese from the International Gourmet Club.
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