Welcome to Newbook Digital Texts

Newbook Digital Texts is an innovative digital humanities publishing house re-imagining and restructuring traditional academic research, publication, and education.  Over eight years, more than 170 University of Washington undergraduate interns and several graduate assistants have collaborated with faculty on projects ranging from Ottoman and Georgian poetry to nineteenth-century travel journals from Iraq and Egypt.  

  • We promote systemic change in undergraduate education, technological innovation, and the preservation of at-risk historical documents.
  • Our work is international, open source, and open access.  
  • We are devoted to blending the traditional values of the humanities with the development of technological competency, effective communication skills, and the ability to work in a team-based environment.

Join us

If you have a scholarly project that you think might be suitable for Newbook Digital Texts and are interested in partnering with us, please contact one of the current directors, Walter Andrews, Mary Childs, or Sarah Ketchley.

We are committed to making our technology and tools accessible to all compatible projects, though we do have two levels of sharing. At the first level are the tools and technologies that are freely available on our website. At the second level, once a project has passed through our editorial review process, including a peer review, it can bear our logo, be displayed on our publication website, and have access to our marketing services.

Contact us at info@newbookdigitaltexts.org